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What is a Sinus Specialist?

A sinus specialist, also known as a rhinologist, is an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor who has completed additional fellowship training for sinus-related issues. While an otolaryngologist is trained to treat general issues affecting the ears, nose, and throat, a sinus specialist is also equipped with advanced expertise in treating more severe sinus conditions both through non-invasive methods and, when necessary, by performing sinus surgery.

What kind of treatments does a Sinus Specialist perform?

While some sinus-related health issues can be treated using conservative means such as medications, steroids, or sprays, sinus and nasal problems which are more complex may require more advanced interventions. In cases where a sinus infection does not go away over a long period of time, or is resistant to non-invasive means, Dr. Mourad is able to perform sinus surgery to correct the issue. Surgery may also be performed to remove nasal polyps or correct the angle of a deviated septum (a procedure known as septoplasty).

How Is a Sinus Specialist Different From an ENT?

Sinus disorder treatment is a subspecialty under the umbrella of ENT medicine. While an ENT can treat many nasal and sinus conditions including sinusitis or allergies, a sinus specialist has completed a higher level of research and training. This means a sinus specialist should be sought if you have a condition like sinusitis which has not responded to treatment or which has grown suddenly worse. A visit to a sinus specialist may also be called for if you have had previous sinus surgery which has not borne successful results. A sinus specialist is prepared to treat more complex nasal issues, such as infections contributed to by autoimmune conditions, cystic fibrosis, or nasal polyps or tumors, than a regular ENT.

What Should I Do To Prepare To See a Sinus Specialist?

Prior to visiting our office, prepare any necessary information such as insurance details and medical history. You should be ready to discuss your symptoms in detail, as getting all relevant information will help to ensure an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. It’s also a good idea to think in advance of any questions you may want to ask the doctor. It’s important to us that your experience is as comfortable and positive as we can possibly make it.

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