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Snoring is a very common issue, with some estimates positing that nearly half of adults snore at least occasionally. This can be annoying and cause disturbances to healthy sleep for both snorers and their sleep partners. Snoring can be a symptom of a number of different problems, but a skilled ENT doctor can often help to alleviate the issue. Here are some of the key things to know about snoring and how Dr. Mourad can help.

What are some causes of snoring?

Snoring is the audible result of turbulent airflow which occurs due to narrowing in any part of the airway from the nose to the lungs. This narrowing can be related to a number of different factors. It can be caused by deviated nasal septum, nasal valve collapse, collapse of the tongue, or muscle relaxation and collapse of the throat muscles,  

How does a nasal valve collapse contribute to snoring?

Nasal valve collapse is the result of narrowing or weakening of the cartilages in the nose. As you sleep, air passing through the nasal valve region results in turbulent airflow that manifests as snoring. 

What are other symptoms of a nasal valve collapse?

The most common symptom of nasal valve collapse is a breathing obstruction, noticed when inhaling or exhaling through the nose, which affects one or both nostrils. The nasal obstruction is usually relieved by pulling up on the skin of the cheeks, lifting the tip of the nose, or pulling upwards on the nasal skin bridge. 

Will repairing a nasal valve collapse stop snoring?

Snoring is usually related to multiple factors. Prior to undergoing any procedures it is important to undergo a thorough evaluation with a sleep study to rule out sleep study. Dr. Mourad offers use of a convenient at-home sleep study machine that eliminates the need to go to a sleep center for overnight stay.

After having a sleep study, it is important to identify the exact cause of your snoring. You will likely require an endoscopy and thorough evaluation of the entire airway, including the nose and throat. If it is determined that the cause of snoring is nasal valve collapse, then nasal valve surgery will likely improve your snoring. 

Can Dr. Mourad repair a nasal valve collapse?

Dr. Mourad is an expert in all aesthetic and functional nasal surgeries, including nasal valve surgery. This is one of the most common procedures that is performed by Dr. Mourad. He is able to offer different procedures including open and closed repair, as well as any other associated procedures that may be needed, such as septoplasty. 

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