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Dr. Mourad came very highly recommended to me. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. He really listened to my concerns and was very attentive.

For years, I experienced horrible sinus headaches daily and a consistent runny nose. I was concerned about getting my septum fixed in the past because I couldn’t take much time off of work and was worried how my nose would look after healing.

About one month ago, Dr. Mourad fixed my severely deviated septum. The surgery was relatively painless and has been healing fast. Since my surgery, I have not had a single sinus headache and my nose no longer runs. This is a tremendous improvement for me. I’m convinced my nose looks even better than before! I returned to work one week after surgery with no swelling!

Dr. Mourad consistently checked in to make sure I was doing well and healing well. It truly made a difference and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Mourad! I would definitely recommend him to anyone unsure about getting a septoplasty done. He is a true professional and a great surgeon!


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