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Is there a difference between a male and female rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is guided by the goals and desires of the patient, and each individual rhinoplasty should be specifically tailored to a patient’s needs, goals, and expectations. There is also no particular difference between the essential technique being used in either procedure. That being said, certain guiding principles are used when addressing gender specific noses. This is by no means exclusive – gender and beauty norms are less rigidly defined than they once were, and the desired aesthetic can vary a great deal from person to person.

In general, female rhinoplasty involves removal of larger portions of the bridge, increase of the tip rotation, and allowance for more tip definition. Male rhinoplasty may involve little to no bridge removal, and maintain a more acute rotation of the nose. It is important that any changes to the nose maintain a harmonious relationship with the remainder of the nose.

What are some things to consider when performing a rhinoplasty on a female?

Compared to male rhinoplasty, the desired nose for female patients often tends to be smaller, shorter, and less prominent. Women also typically have thinner skin, which is an important variable to consider when performing the procedure. In most cases, female patients want the tip of their nose to be slightly upturned with relatively more definition. The desired result will also often have a slimmer, more concave nasal bridge.

What are some things to consider when performing a rhinoplasty on a male?

Dr. Mourad is highly skilled and experienced in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty for both men and women. He performs more than 100 rhinoplasty surgeries a year, including reconstructive nasal procedures. With the added expertise that results from this level of volume, Dr. Mourad is highly qualified to provide individualized care to his patients.

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