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I was referred to Dr Mourad by another doctor who was a family friend that happened to know Dr Mourad. He told me that Dr Mourad was a great doctor to focus on the issue I had with my nose and how he would take care of me and the issue. Once I met Dr Mourad in November 2019 at Woodside Physicians I was very glad that I met him. He’s a very nice doctor that was also very kind and compassionate. He asked what my issue and concerns were and even examined me and made sure the issues I had were accurate and what could be done. My issue was a deviated septum along with other nasal issues and after going through my own research due to my issue and years of preparing for the proper treatment for my condition we both agreed a septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction was the best surgery to do. After that there was paperwork and some examinations to be done which was the hassle thing for me to do and then I was set to have my surgery on January 9th, 2020. It was a success and I was very happy with the result plus I was so happy to know after my surgery how generous and caring he was by my father making sure my surgery was approved and him making sure I had everything I needed for my post op. Since then my nose has been better than what it was before surgery so I’m very happy with the result and I couldn’t thank Dr Mourad more enough. It would also be a joy meeting him for check ups on my nose and he was very nice and kind whenever we met and also a relief of whatever questions I had whether it was about recovery,etc. Honestly Dr Mourad is such a great doctor and if you have any issues in terms of nasal issues or whatever he’s able to do and claim, go see him because he’s a doctor that can get the job done. Also I can’t forget about his great staff as they are also very nice and kind and they deserve the praise as well as they really seem to not only know what they’re doing but caring about what they do, plus not to forget the amazing wait time for appointments not being long. Overall, I thank Dr Mourad and his staff for everything and I definitely recommend them for any medical needs.


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