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Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been in the exceptional care of Dr. Mourad. He is truly a miracle worker who deeply cares about his patients and their medical concerns. For years, I have been unable to breathe through my nose and have had major sinus problems and a deviated septum I so desperately wanted to fix, but was apprehensive as to who to go to for a possible surgery. I am so lucky that my dermatologist had recommended him and only him. During the first visit, he was able to address all my questions and my issues and upon further examination of my nose, he immediately realized it was broken due to past trauma (which I didn’t even know about, nor did my regular ENT who I go to for sinus infections, etc., even know or mention to me even after looking inside my nose countless times!).

Aside from him being an exceptional doctor, his medical staff inside the office to his surgical assistants are incredibly professional, welcoming, and dutiful. They work with him and his patients very closely and attentively are honestly one of the best medical teams I have ever had the pleasure of being in the hands in. I am now 3-4 weeks post-op from the septoplasty, and I am able to FINALLY & ACTUALLY breathe through my nose effortlessly – my nose is no longer fractured or crooked and I don’t have to spend any longer breathing through my mouth anymore. I am absolutely in love with the results from the surgery

I also want to point out that I was seeing him during the Covid-19 pandemic, and him and his staff were devoted to accommodating me, making sure I was safe and unexposed leading up to and during surgery during the outbreak which just emphasizes his quality of professionalism, treatment, and care he has and delivers to his patients. I am truly fortunate and grateful to be in his care and to have gone to him for what turned out to be a traumatic sinus dysfunction. I, without a doubt, would recommend him to anyone who has a concern with their sinuses as he is one of the BEST in his field! Thank you again Dr. Mourad for your diligence and treatment you deliver to all of your patients!


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