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I had received a rhinoplasty in my home country where they placed an implant, something I realized was not a good idea. Several years later I developed an infection in the implant. I saw Dr. Mourad for treatment of the infection. He was very kind and patient and explained to me that these type of infected implants are very hard to treat. I was very worried because the implant formed the majority of my nose (the implant was used to create a nasal bridge that I was missing). He was very thoughtful and treated me with antibiotics for several months, giving them a chance to work. After repeat testing and antibiotic treatments, the infection would not stop. Finally, I agreed to have the surgery, even though I was so scared. I was so fortunate to have the surgery, as he was able to rebuild my nose with a piece of rib. My nose looks better than with the implant, and the infection cleared up. I was so scared that it would change my nose dramatically and I would have the same nose as before, but he did such a great job, I only wish I would have had the surgery sooner. I am still healing up but my nose looks great and I can still breathe well.


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