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DISCLAIMER: long message ahead detailing my rhinoplasty journey, my indescribable appreciation for Dr. Mourad, and his success in restoring and enhancing my facial features.

After undergoing double jaw reconstructive surgery and dealing with a 2 year recovery-alongside its permanent consequences-I had noticed an overall change in my nose. Specifically, the base had widened and my tip had begun to severely droop when smiling. Due to my past, I was extremely hesitant to pursue surgery again but had ultimately decided to follow through with it due to my deviated septum.

Over the course of 3 months I shopped around for a surgeon and had a dozen consultations. Dr. Mourad was the ONLY doctor who took the time to hear my concerns and walk me through the entire process; Whether I had one or 20 questions, he would always respond to my calls/texts before and after the operation to ensure that I was both comfortable and excited. As implied, he was the last physician I spoke with.

I asked for a natural result and I got just that in return. The recovery was much easier than I expected and I was up and about only a week after surgery. I cannot stress enough how natural my nose looks and how beautiful my profile is – it’s the best when people ask you if you lost weight and tell you that you look radiant only 2 weeks post-op.

If anyone reading this is hesitant to find a doctor or is worried about their nose appearance post-op… don’t be. Dr. Mourad is genuinely a great physician and, most importantly, person. He’s a professional who loves his job, and his genuine passion is exemplified in his approach from start to finish.

I am forever grateful to him for restoring both my confidence and breathing.

I’ve uploaded some of my photos pre and post op (please excuse my terrible attempt of covering my eyes lol). Also check out his insta page @nycfacedoc; it showcases all of his artwork.


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