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I Had my first surgery with the “top” doctor in New York City for my septoplasty and the effects wore off a year later. I decided to browse the internet and based on reviews and feedback chose to work with Dr Bennett and Dr Mourad for my correction. Dr Mourad performed the Rib Graph for extra cartilage needed. These two were unbelievable!! They explained to me what went wrong the first time. Then took the time and attention to meet me, go over the game plan and answer any questions had at every step of the way. After my surgery I called them with some concern and got them to call me back on Christmas Eve and calm my fears!! The experience here where not just the DRs but also the staff was so helpful and attentive where i didn’t feel like i was just another patient that they were hurrying up for surgery. I have already recommended family relatives here and would advise anyone who is worried about choosing a doctor over online reviews (i too had this concern) that these two guys were top notch and what you’d wish ever doctor was like


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