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Dr. Mourad treated my husband for a recurrence of his larynx cancer in November of 2017. The cancer was so advanced, it was involving the major arteries that supplied blood to his brain. We went to see Dr. Mourad and he was very compassionate and explained everything to me and my husband. We felt very comfortable with him and his expertise, that we decided to get treated by him. Because the cancer was so advanced my husband’s voice box needed to be removed. The surgery would also require a new voice box to be reconstructed with a transplant from my husbands arm, a surgery that many surgeon’s do not do. Dr. Mourad was very skilled and able to perform both parts of the surgery. He was able to get the cancer out from around the arteries and transplant the arm to his throat. My husband recovered well from the surgeries. Even though its been a long process, with radiation afterwards Dr. Mourad has helped us every step of the way. My husband is less than a year out and we pray he continues to be cancer free, but all of our tests show good signs. We have never met a doctor like him. He gave us his personal cell phone number, and even now, any time I text him needing anything, he responds and always is available to help. He made us feel like we were his family, and we will forever be grateful.


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