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Patient Info

Age: 15-26

Gender: Female

The patient is a 16-year-old female patient presented to Dr. Mourad for concerns with nasal breathing obstruction. She also complained of the appearance of her nose. The photo on the left demonstrates her preoperative view. She stated she did not like that her “tip was so big”, in addition to complaining of her tip “drooping.” The evaluation revealed the patient to have a bulbous tip. Dr. Mourad met with the girl and her family many times to help understand her complaints and understand her and her families expectations. After careful discussions with the family, she decided to undergo a closed rhinoplasty. This minimally invasive rhinoplasty, allowed for the patient to undergo the necessary modifications that maximized her outcome without compromising her future development. The photo on the right demonstrates a more refined and narrower tip, that is straight, without the “bulbous appearance” seen in the left photo. Her tip is also at a higher position, more elevated, and less droopy then seen in the preoperative photo. Her breathing is also improved after Dr. Mourad corrected her nasal airway obstruction internally.

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