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Patient Info

Age: 27-38

Gender: Female

Very excited to show my beautiful patient’s photos! This young woman underwent a rhinoplasty for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Her nose was weakened by prior trauma, and you can see that in her before photos, her tip “dives” down. This is because of minimal support in the tip structures. She underwent a rhinoplasty with rib graft. Rib graft is sometimes used in primary rhinoplasty cases about 1-2% of the time, and is usually in complicated cases (as above), when extra structural materials are needed to rebuild a stronger, better looking, and better functioning nose! I speak with all my patients about the potential need for rib, even in primary cases. It’s important that your surgeon feels comfortable using rib should the need arise.

My favorite part of this case is that her nose appears natural, like the “nose she should have been born with “, as her own mother would say! It is elegant, natural, and in no way compromises her identity.

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