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    5.0 Google

    Review from Raina H.

    Source: Google | Jan 3, 2023

    Super amazing doctor and staff! they’re all so patient and understanding and really care about you. 10/10!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Nataliya K.

    Source: Google | Jan 2, 2023

    I was on the hunt for the perfect plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty/septoplasty for many years. When I found Dr Mourad and decided to proceed with the surgery, it was the best decision I ever made. He changed my life, my look, my ability to breathe and stop snoring! I flew in from out of town for the surgery and he and his staff were so accommodating. The days post op he was available by text, call, his personal number, to make sure everything was going well and it did. My recovery was easy and I was able to fly out of town and back to work in a week. He was honest about what would look natural and what wouldn’t and my surgery came out looking so natural many people who know me couldn’t pinpoint what exactly changed. Dr Mourad stayed in touch, I sent him photos and he monitored my progress even being long distant. I’m so thankful to him, and his skill. He is an excellent surgeon who truly cares.
    5.0 ZocDoc

    Review from Hilary B.

    Source: ZocDoc | Dec 4, 2022

    Both Dr. Mourad and his entire staff were wonderful. I got full, clear explanations of my treatment plan as well as exactly what and how much I will be billed for going forward with surgery.
    5.0 ZocDoc

    Review from Anonymous

    Source: ZocDoc | Nov 2, 2022

    I had a positive experience. The office is clean and the staff are friendly. Dr. Mourad was able to see me right away on arrival. He listened carefully and outlined a course of action.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Mikaeel N.

    Source: Google | Oct 14, 2022

    Dr. Mourad is a kind and caring doctor who doesnt make you feel rushed and explains in detail what the issue is. For me I had a deviated septum and a complete closure of the bridge and Midvault which made my nose drop down on itself. I didn't know how bad my nose really was until I got the surgery and it was honestly life changing I am thankful and I highly recommend him
    5.0 Google

    Review from Kevin P.

    Source: Google | Sep 6, 2022

    Honestly I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Mourad. I had a deviated septum that was so bad I could barely breathe, and was worried with this being my first ever surgery. However, Dr. Mourad really made me feel taken care of, walked me through the procedure to ensure I understood what to expect, and produced an amazing result. Both him and everyone in his office are extremely kind and accommodating. I FULLY RECOMMEND.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Chanelle B.

    Source: Google | Aug 30, 2022

    I want to start off by saying that dr moustafa mourad has honestly changed my life. I suffered with a perforated septum that was 8mm by 8mm.After being turned down from several doctors in Canada.Dr mourad was very confident and understanding of my situation.During the pre op consultation at his clinic he was very welcoming to me and my family .He was very honest,and truly made the experience easier.After the surgery the doctor was kind enough to give me his personal number due to some complications I was having.I Felt that I got the best possible treatment and I owe my life to the Doctor and Staff!. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family.I wouldn't recommend anyone else.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Sylvia A.

    Source: Google | Aug 20, 2022

    I was lucky to find Dr. Mourad on Zocdoc. He was the 7th ENT doctor I saw and the only one who was able to help me. For 1.5 years I suffered with sinus issues. None of the previous doctors were able to properly diagnose and treat me. During my first visit with Dr. Mourad he explained in details my condition. He did not rush me. I immediately felt at ease and confident to have him perform the surgery. His office staff were amazing. They took care of all my paperwork and handled everything from beginning to end. Ree, his medical assistant was truly amazing. My surgery date was moved to earlier because my condition became worse and she was able to find an earlier opening for my surgery. Even though it was last minute, she found a doctor so I could complete the pre-op tests required. Without her help I don’t know what I would have done. She made the entire process so easy and smooth. I cannot believe how lucky I was to find Dr. Mourad and his team. They literally saved my life!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Courtney O.

    Source: Google | Aug 10, 2022

    My experience with Dr. Mourad went above and beyond expectations. He was thorough with his explanations and incredibly reassuring, and he did a fantastic job with my surgery. His staff is also very friendly and I genuinely look forward to post-op appointments. I could not be happier with my results both in terms of breathing capacity and aesthetics and would highly recommend him!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Jessica R.

    Source: Google | Jul 7, 2022

    Dr. Mourad has been a lifesaver! I love how my nose turned out, big self confidence boost! Great bedside manner and overall a great doctor!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Janice M

    Source: Google | May 17, 2022

    Dr. Mourad and his team are excellent. My case required a complex rhinoplasty due to prior MOHS resections which left me with a sunken in bridge. He outlined all the risks and explained the procedure thoroughly while making sure I understood everything and felt comfortable. He was always available post-operatively for my questions. I haven't breathed this well in years! Thank you Dr. Mourad and team!
    5.0 Google

    Review from James M

    Source: Google | May 10, 2022

    Not rushed. Spent time explaining issues. Staff very helpful
    5.0 ZocDoc

    Review from Meghan P

    Source: ZocDoc | May 3, 2022

    Very nice staff, office and Dr. Great experience. Would highly recommend.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Allison H.

    Source: Google | Apr 15, 2022

    Dr. Mourad is as good as it gets from a personable bedside manner to performing a successful and stress free surgery. He made me feel well prepared and taken care of before and after performing endoscopic nasal surgery and a tonsillectomy. Highly recommend, I’m no longer suffering from sinus infections and am breathing so much better post surgery.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Mikaeel N.

    Source: Google | Apr 15, 2022

    Dr. Mourad is a kind and caring doctor who doesnt make you feel rushed and explains in detail what the issue is. For me I had a deviated septum and a complete closure of the bridge and Midvault which made my nose drop down in itself. I didn't know how bad my nose really was until I got the surgery and it was honestly life changing I am thankful and I highly recommend him
    5.0 Google

    Review from Benton J.

    Source: Google | Mar 25, 2022

    CSF leak can be scary and pretty rare. I was super nervous and Dr Mourad really walked me through everything, kept an even tone, and got me fixed and healed up. Can’t thank him enough for getting me right. Ready to really enjoy the rest of my life. Thank you.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Ariana M.

    Source: Google | Feb 25, 2022

    Dr. Mourad did a great job with my surgery. He explained the procedures and the anatomy really well and answered all of my questions before surgery/during healing. I'm very pleased with the results and I am breathing better than ever!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Kiera R.

    Source: Google | Feb 15, 2022

    I can not say enough great things about Dr. Mourad. My rhinoplasty experience has been seamless from the consultation to recovery there has yet to be a single complaint. The way my face has been completely transform with such subtle changes speaks numbers to the work that Dr. Mourad performs. I am so grateful for him and his team.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Ally S.

    Source: Google | Feb 8, 2022

    My experience with Dr. Mourad was fantastic. From his attentive office staff making sure I was prepped for surgery, to the actual day of surgery, everything was seamless. I was nervous to have surgery and Dr. Mourad explained everything and made me feel comfortable and was always willing to answer any questions I had, both before and after the procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
    5.0 ZocDoc

    Review from Maria C

    Source: ZocDoc | Jan 21, 2022

    Ambience and tidiness the soonest you open the door. The receptionist was pleasant and walked me through because I was running late. Saw the doctor in less than 5 mins. I would highly recommend.